Busreis naar St-Job ‘t Goor

Gepost door: Rita | St-Michielstappers

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Our fantastic forest walk in the \\\\ r \\\\ nGorse area


On 21 October, our planned trip to St.-Job-in-à ¢ â,¬Å \"t-Goor presented itself as a first real autumn day! Everyone was provided with sufficient spare clothing \\\\ r \\\\ nand we would make the best of itâ € |but \\\\ r \\\\ n the defender above it would have been different and a beautiful autumn-summer \\\\ r \\\\ ndag with 18 degrees was our part .. we did not hear anyone complain ..

The 7 clubs (equivalent to Brugs Ommeland) had done their best to finish out \\\\ r \\\\ no range of distances. We were welcomed by the St. Michielstappers from Brecht. After looking at the leaflet, there was a lot of sighing because the distances were very long! There was even a distance of 10.6 km !! The 28 km had only 2 checks! Yet Renà© had figured it out very carefully: he traveled 30 km himself but this with 4 checks !!!! in \\\\ r \\\\ nthe sequel we sometimes consult him !!! Jef also did a whole course because he did not walk the 8km route after all! He practices long-distance walks. \\\\ r \\\\ nMany courage !!! Chris and Annemie also walked more than 30km. This time they did enjoy the rest in the checkpoint. \\\\ r \\\\ n We \\\\ r \\\\ n also introduced a new quota system !!! namely. à ¢ â,¬Å \"the scale of Marleen à ¢ â,¬Â !!! This walk got the wonderful score \\\\ r \\\\ nvan 8/10 !!!!

Immediately after the start we were allowed to enter the forest. It would be one long forest walk; along broad avenues we wept with rippled and rustling leaves, and through the quiet and silent forest. It was really enjoyable ... we did not see a chapel at first through the dense foliage, but it did not escape our attention. There were noticeably many horses in the pastures. \\\\ r \\\\ nSpecial large bulbs kept the horse\'s horses away! It was the area, we think. Beautiful autumn colors appeared to us: yellow, red, brown, \\\\ r \\\\ nnog some green, orangeà ¢ â,¬Â|we had to make a detour for a muddy path but we have to do very little Do it. Beautiful mushrooms kept our eyes on alert: milk mushrooms, velvet feet, crust mushrooms, fungi \\\\ r \\\\ nen a whopper, a beautiful specie \\\\ r \\\\ n on a tree: I think it was a colossal rump! Next to the forest path there was a \\\\ r \\\\ nimens golf course with a lot of activity. \\\\ r \\\\ nVia the hamlet à ¢ â,¬Å \"the nun hillà ¢ â,¬Â we walked on, direction \\\\ r \\\\ n the first check. That was also possible after 10.6km !! In the resting post there was a lot of red to see! You can see that we are everywhere represented! \\\\ r \\\\ n Many have spoken to their rations and once they have a good chat with the other members of the club. in â € œthe Goorhofâ €, we saw a beautiful water tower, with a large water reservoir at the top, rising in front of us and then we had our 8,2 km traveled. . In the room that was exactly reserved for \\\\ r \\\\ nwalkclubà ¢ â,¬â \"¢ 4op1rijà ¢ â,¬â\" ¢ (all known to us) there was a pleasant crowd. The throats \\\\ r \\\\ n were smeared and there was just as well equipped to start our third and last stretch of 8.4km. Baudouin expressed the wish to see more of an open landscape, and indeed, he was rewarded! We arrived at the canal where \\\\ r \\\\ nkele hikers enjoyed the beautiful weather, with or without dog. The locks \\\\ r \\\\ drew our attention and were briefly dissected. Then we went through a forest to say \\\\ r \\\\ now: along small paths we curled a loop winding to get back to the \\\\ r \\\\ n channel and to look at the shore rafts. Other four-year-olds were also curious and we waved just as a greeting from the other side. In hindsight, we were still talking about the mailbox that we noticed: it had been given a warm jacket and was transformed into a sweet ladybug !!! \\\\ r \\\\ nBeautiful to the mail get inside. Via a forest path we could still enjoy the fresh and healthy forest air and then reach our final destination after 8,4km. A few were still on the road to finish the kilometers above 30, others enjoyed something fresh or a Westmalle in a cozy setting with nice club friends. Also for those \\\\ r \\\\ n who traveled a shorter distance: chapeau !! Everyone enjoyed it and that is the most important thing! What else can we wish for?

Again: thank you very much to the board to bring \\\\ r \\\\ n to a nice location and let us enjoy so much \\\\ r \\\\ nnatural! A big compliment! (Especially after the score on the \"scale of Marleen !!\")



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